My name is Francisco Martínez Lasaca —but everybody calls me Paco (why?).

I discovered programming thanks to a video game at the age of 8. When I started my BSc, I had already known what a for loop was for 12 years. Crazy, isn't it?

I hold a degree in Informatics Engineering by the Polytechnic University of Catalunya, and at moment, I am finishing a MSc in Computer Science at the IT University of Copenhagen. During the last years I supplemented my formal education with participation in different projects, mostly hackathons with my friends. Thanks to these experiences, I have been able to get to know several countries, which encouraged me to carry out an Erasmus exchange year in Copenhagen.

My goal is to get the most out of the master's program, with the aim of doing a PhD so I can do what I dream of doing with my life: being a university professor.

My interests are software analysis and algorithmics.

You can check out more information about my projects and my CV, and feel free to get to me by connecting on LinkedIn.

What I'm involved in now

  • University courses: Advanced Software Analysis and Cross-Disciplinary Team Work — not excessively demanding, but still.
  • I am preparing the Cambridge's Proficiency in English exam, which accredits a C2 level. That's not a mere trifle!
  • I regularly check the Danish news in the hope of learning new basic vocabulary. My relationship with Danish is quite a conflictive one, but this approach seems to work even if very slowly.

Last update: 25 September 2020