Cross-IDE ROS Integration Tool

xtext ros lsp

Integration tool for managing ROS artifacts that integrates with most of the modern IDEs. The main goal is giving consistency to the users' code: raising warnings and IDE suggestions which are the result of examining the relationships and dependencies among ROS artifacts.

Dangerous Liaisons: the Impact of Phonetics in False Friends Detection Among Romance Languages

phonetics false-friends

Paper analyzing the impact of relating phonetic transcriptions to aligned word embeddings within Romance languages.



hackathon opencv google-cloud angular.js django

Recognize handwritten sketchs of virtual machines and deploy them to Google Cloud

2nd prize of CopenHacks 2019 (Copenhagen, Denmark).

Bachelor thesis

C♯ azure-devops ci/cd project-management net-standard

Extending and enhancing the C5 library

Add complete CI/CD support to an open-source project.

Completed with honors.

e-Health Eurocampus

summer-school robotics interdisciplinary bioinformatics vr unity image-processing

Communication, distraction and calm tool for child patients

Team of IT-specialists, nurses and doctors.

Specifically designed for real patients of a hospital.


hackathon django api qr python

Reducing waste by managing disposable coffee cups during train journeys

START Hack 2019 (St. Gallen, Switzerland).

My Penguin

hackathon android-studio

Track your sustainable habits to make penguins live longer and happier

HackZurich 2019 (Zürich, Switzerland).



hackathon android-studio aws azure-ai

Auto sending pictures to your friends using AI facial recognition

Best use of AWS prize of CopenHacks 2018 (Copenhagen, Denmark).


hackathon unity cisco-meraki C♯ flask

AR creature hunting game to entertain young supermarket customers

Junction 2018 (Espoo, Finland).


hackathon ai aima java

Use AI to assign medical vehicles to incidences

HackUPC 2018 (Barcelona, Spain).


hackathon game phaser.js instagram webgl node.js

Use AI to assign medical vehicles to incidences

jacobsHack! 2018 (Bremen, Germany).

Best Domain Registered with

Face Palm Award.